< 5 Affordable Travel Accessories Under $20 ( Best cheap Travel Accessories for traveler)

5 Affordable Travel Accessories Under $20 ( Best cheap Travel Accessories for traveler)

As so-called minimalists, we don’t dislike having things, although we may be slightly picky about the objects we choose to add to our lives. Still, we enjoy discovering new products from different brands that are well-designed or offer great value.

Travel is becoming normal again, and we are also gearing up for a short trip in the coming weeks, so today, let’s take a look at 5 affordable travel accessories we’ll be bringing with us that are under $20 USD.

We’ll start with the most inexpensive item on this list.

1. A Foldable S-Hook From MUJI

A Foldable S-Hook From MUJI
A Foldable S-Hook From MUJI. Best cheap Travel Accessories

This cute little stealthy black square offers utility without looking utilitarian, thanks to its simple, neutral design. Clip on a hat or a towel for convenient access, or use it as an s-hook to keep your bag off your lap or off the floor.

It’s really up to you how you want to use it, and although we’ll hardly consider this an essential travel item, it’s just something nice to have on hand in certain situations. It’s made of plastic, but it feels pretty solid, and it’s supposed to be able to hold up to 5 kg. If you can find a store that sells it, it’ll cost you about $5.

2. Klean Kanteen Bottles

Klean Kanteen Bottles
Klean Kanteen Bottles. Best cheap Travel Accessories

One of those is insulated, more suited for hot or cold beverages than day-to-day use, as it is heavy and has a relatively small capacity. Recently, we were pleasantly surprised to find out everyone’s favorite Swedish furniture store has a no-frills stainless steel bottle that costs a quarter of the price of a Klean Kanteen. Of course, considering the price difference, we don’t expect to get the same kind of quality.

Klean Kanteen Bottles
Klean Kanteen Bottles. Best cheap Travel Accessories

The plastic lid with its loop handle in particular isn’t the most confidence-inspiring, although it doesn’t affect the product’s core functionality. If you’re using single-use plastic bottles and are considering making the switch, now you know there are very decent stainless steel options like this one that will only cost you $7.

3. Gotoob + Silicone Travel Size Bottle

Gotoob + Silicone Travel Size Bottle
Gotoob + Silicone Travel Size Bottle. Best cheap Travel Accessories

Our skin hasn’t always been the most healthy, especially as we get older. HL’s hands are especially vulnerable—recently they got irritated just from using public washrooms’ hand soaps, which can sometimes be a little harsh on sensitive skin. So for this trip, we’re considering bringing not just a moisturizer but also a gentle handwash.

Instead of getting travel-sized, packaged products just for these occasions, we like to use these reusable, leak-proof Gotoob+ bottles.

liquids: shampoo, body wash, lotions
liquids: shampoo, body wash, lotions. Best cheap Travel Accessories

These bottles are good for all types of liquids: shampoo, body wash, lotions, and sunscreen, and they’re even approved to be food-safe, so if for some reason you wish to bring your own ketchup or chili sauce with you, these would work too. They come in different sizes, and for $20, you can get a 3-pack of these small bottles.

4. Shupatto Reusable Bag

Shupatto Reusable Bag
Shupatto Reusable Bag. Best cheap Travel Accessories

The best reusable bag is the one you have on you, and we carry the Shupatto reusable bag with us all the time because it’s lightweight and folds up to a very reasonable size. A good reusable bag, in our opinion, should also be easy to use; some people can be put off by the thought of having to fiddle with reusable bags when there’s a line of impatient customers behind them.

But since this opens and folds up quickly with its clever origami-inspired design, that’s not really an issue, even if you’re someone who’s clumsy, like HL. A medium-sized Shupatto costs anywhere from $15 to $20, depending on where you are.

5. ULAC Multiple Purposes Bag

ULAC Multiple Purposes Bag
ULAC Multiple Purposes Bag. Best cheap Travel Accessories

We like to purchase products that can serve multiple purposes. On most days, this bag is attached to the frame or handlebars of our bikes. It’s how we carry our hydration, along with a few other small items, when we go cycling. But we specifically chose a bag like this because we like having the option of using it as a shoulder bag that’s compact yet versatile enough to carry our bottles with us when we’re not riding our bikes.

Some may find walking around the city carrying a bottle like this unfashionable, but there’s nothing uncool about staying hydrated. Hydration is an essential part of our carry, and this is one of the lightest and most convenient ways to carry it.

That’s not much else about this particular product from this particular brand; we were just looking for something that’s rugged but still inexpensive enough to leave on our bikes without having to worry too much, and these fit the bill, with a price tag of just about $20 each.


These are some of the things we’ll be carrying with us when we go on a much-needed vacation in a couple of weeks. Anyway, we hope you found some of these affordable travel accessories interesting or helpful, and if there are any other types of products you would like us to talk about, do let us know down in the comments. See you again soon.

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