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Top 10 Coolest Tech Gadgets: Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

The top 10 coolest tech gadgets for a better flight Travelling can be a lot of things to different people. It can be fun and especially worthwhile. When you are with friends and have the coolest gadgets to help you cope with the hassles of air travel and guarantee a seamless and stress-free flight regardless of how long you’re air bound.

Worried about flight delays and sitting or standing for long hours before takeoff? These gadgets take away all of these discomforts and make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running as soon as you get off your Airplane. Want to know some of the top 10 coolest tech gadgets to make your next long flight the best stress-free and entertaining experience ever.

Hang on as we explore the top 10 coolest tech gadgets for a better flight experience. Ready? Let’s get to it.

USB Scale

Usb Scale
USB Scale , Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

Having a USB scale will save you the trouble of figuring out how much your devices weigh, from your smartphone to your jewellery to your tablet and other small devices you own. Most airports you visit will expect you to have this information, and what better way to get this information than to have a portable USB scale?

This gadget also comes with a built-in USB compartment that allows you to charge devices through the ports. The USB scale gives the most accurate readings on the exact weight of an object.

So next time you plan on travelling by air, don’t forget to get a portable USB scale to help you determine the right number of gadgets and luggage you should bring along for your trip.

Streaming Stick

Streaming Stick
Streaming Stick, Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

These gadgets allow you to stream real-time events online, and that could be pretty much anything: presentations, meetings, movies, and what have you. You can also put this gadget to use while recording a video. These streaming sticks are also excellent for working cooperatively on projects and broadcasting tasks or assignments even while in transit.

There’s no better way to ensure productive use of your time while in mid-air than with one of these streaming sticks. It’s no doubt the ultimate entertainment gadget you can have during a long flight.

Flight Adapters

Flight Adapters
Flight Adapters , Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

Adapters are particularly useful for establishing connections between two or more devices. If you love to travel by air and enjoy being entertained on flights or during trips, then you should get a flight adapter. This device helps you make several connections between your multiple devices and the airplane’s in-flight entertainment systems and helps give you the best flight experience.

You could decide to use your headphones or a Bluetooth device to establish a connection with a flight’s in-built entertainment system using your adapter. These adapters likewise come with multiple features as well as an extensive battery life with which you can power your smartphone.

While also having multiple USB charging ports, you can also connect multiple headphones to the adapter. So you and your partner can watch the same movie in sync without having to exchange headphones.

Flight Phone Holder

Flight Phone Holder
Flight Phone Holder, Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

You just recently downloaded a blockbuster movie, but you’re planning on watching it and getting the full experience on your next flight. So you saved the movie for one year in disguise but soon found it very uncomfortable as you had to hold your phone or tab in your hands while you tried hard to enjoy this really interesting movie. While you might have still enjoyed the movie, you didn’t get the full experience because of this minor discomfort.

Having a flight phone holder would save you all the stress of holding on to your phone for a prolonged period of time. So whatever it is you plan to do while on board, whether it be to watch a movie or a video, attend an interview, or conduct one, a flight phone holder makes it all easy for you.

So if you plan on travelling soon, you should probably add getting a flight phone holder to your to-do list.

Jet Lag Calculator

Jet Lag Calculator
Jet Lag Calculator, Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

If you’re wondering what a jet lag calculator is, it is a device that helps you determine how long it will take to adjust to a new time zone when you travel and when you come back home. This is because travelling across different time zones can affect your internal body clock, which can cause a lack of sleep.

Your body has an internal sleeping pattern, and travelling across time zones can affect your body’s sleep pattern. This condition is widely called jet lag. So when travelling long distances by flight, it would be best to have a jet lag calculator that helps you adjust to new time zones that might not be in sync with your sleep pattern and body system.

This cool gadget will help you focus on getting quality sleep on the plane, as this can help your body adjust faster to an entirely new time zone.

Smart Luggage

Smart Luggage
Smart Luggage, Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

This high-tech luggage is battery-powered and can perform different smart functions apart from just fitting clothes. One of their major features is their GPS tracking feature. Smart luggage has GPS embedded in it so that you can find your luggage anytime and anywhere without going through any trouble and with the simple use of your smartphone, even in instances where your luggage is coincidentally similar to that of another passenger.

It’s also super easy to identify yours using its smart GPS functionality. You can always track the proximity of your smart luggage. Regardless of how far away you might be, you can leisurely stroll around with your luggage without even having to hold it.

Smart luggage moves automatically, and you also get to charge other devices with your smart luggage, especially your phone. Smart luggage also automatically weighs itself, so you don’t have to worry about exiting the weigh scale.

Smart Shoe Insoles

Smart Shoe Insoles
Smart Shoe Insoles, Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

Do you have a medical condition that puts you at flight risk or requires that you regularly monitor your health status? Smart shoe insoles are one cool gadget you should try out even when you’re 100% fit.

It’s still a great gadget to have on hand for an exceptional flight experience. It’s a high-tech wearable device that helps you track your health and fitness status and also provides relevant data regarding your biomechanics. All of this information is collected by the device and sent automatically to your smartphone. Cool, right?

It’s definitely a great way to monitor and keep tabs on your body for health and fitness reasons.

Versatile Tracker

Versatile Tracker
Versatile Tracker, Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

Have you ever lost an item and transited your wallet phone, or just about any item at all for that matter? It can be such a hassle trying to find it, and chances are that your item is just gone forever. Well, if you forget and misplace things very easily, you need not worry so much any longer. The ultramodern, versatile tracker will solve that problem for you.

It simply allows you, as a user, to attach trackers to items you know you want to misplace and track these items using your smartphone whenever you do misplace them. Regardless of the item you lose during a flight, finding it in QuickTime has never been this seamless.

Getting this cool gadget essentially allows you to monitor and keep track of all your valuables when travelling.

Portable Wi-fi Hubs

Portable Wi-fi Hubs
Portable Wi-fi Hubs, Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

This device helps connect multiple devices, like your phone, laptop, tablet, and more, to the internet with ease. This device will guarantee you a much more interesting flight experience.

So if you’re a business person currently on a business trip, getting yourself one will help you navigate through your tasks and help you meet your milestones by keeping you connected to the internet so you do not miss a thing.

So if it’s a 7- or 12-hour flight, you do not need to worry about delaying tasks until you get to your destination. You can work, play, and have fun on your trip with access to the internet.

Sleep Headphones

Sleep Headphones
Sleep Headphones, Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

If you’ve ever been on a long flight, it can get especially noisy and boring at times, regardless of how excited you are about your intended destination. Your whole time on the flight might get so frustrating as you do not have the right set of gadgets to keep you entertained and can’t seem to get the sleep you so crave. An effective way to pass time during a flight would be to get a sleep headphone.

Sleep headphones are not your typical headphones because this device comes with so many extra benefits. The sleep headphones have a noise cancellation feature that enables them to cancel out external noises, so you can have a sweet short nap during your flight time. As studies have already proven, listening to music while trying to fall asleep can help people fall asleep faster and improve sleep quality.

Sleep headphones also come with an in-built music player that makes sure you get just the sleep you need while waiting for the miniflight hours to elapse. So next time you board that Airplane taking that nap with your sleep headphones will make that trip shorter than you think.

So here you have the top 10 coolest tech gadgets that’ll guarantee you a better flight. Regardless of how long you have to remain in mid-air or even how turbulent the flight might be.

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